How to sync Outlook.Com mails/Contacts/Calendar on Surface is Microsoft’s new webmail service. If you have an account that isn’t used as your primary account in Windows 8 on Surface, you could add it credentials to the Mail, People, and Calendar on tablet.

How to sync Outlook.Com mails/Contacts/Calendar on Surface tablet
* Fetch the upper-right hot corner to open Charm bar and touch Settings icon. Or press WINKEY + I key on the physical
keyboard to access Setting.
* Select “Accounts” from the pane, choose “Outlook” from the lists. type in your full email address and password. Tap “Connect” button.
* Setup setting in the Configure screen:
account name: Outlook
Download new content: as items arrive
Download email from: the last 7 days
Conten to sync: Check what you would like to sync. contacts are added to People app, and events are added to Calendar app.
Automatically download external: On
Use an email signature: Yes


One thought on “How to sync Outlook.Com mails/Contacts/Calendar on Surface

  1. For years I managed calendar and contacts on a PC. Now I have a ‘surface” with no calendar or contacts. There must be a simple way to get PC Outlook contacts and calendar syncronised on the ‘surface’, but I have been unable to find the method?

    Do I sent the PC Outlook calendar and contacts to SkyDrive or cloud Outlook somehow… then access it from the surface. Can it be done on Google gmail or how?

    I hope there is a simple free way. HELP.

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