How to shut down Surface tablet

For some of my friends, they are having a hard time finding the shutdown button on Surface tablet. Because it’s no start menu ceases to exist in the system. Here is a tutorial taking about how to do that on tablet.

It’s very easy to shut down Surface tablet.
In Windows 8 Press the lock button on your tablet to bring up the lock screen, swipe the lock screen wallpaper and then tap the shutdown button to power off the device.

For Normal shutdown
This state does not close the kernel session (known as Hybrid Boot.)
* First you need to close your Typing Cover.
* Press and hold down the power button for about 30 seconds, and then and release it.

In Windows 10
* Tap or click on the Start menu, click Power, and finally Shut Down from there. There is a one-click related button on the desktop, but you could the faster ways to turn off your device.
* Right-click the Start button, Mouse over “Shut down or sign out” right near the bottom from a lengthy pop-up shortcut menu, and then click “Shut down.”

If you are facing some problem while using Surface Pro and the power button doesn’t take any effects, you need to shutdown the device completely by this way:
Note: this tips is not working on Surface RT or Surface 2 tablets.
* press and hold the Volume-up button and the Power button for about 15 seconds and release. The Surface logo will be flashed in the screen.
* Then hold down the buttons for 15 seconds.


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