How To Setup VPN Connection on Surafce

VPN Connection provides remote user a secure and encrypted access to a central organization network in business environment. Hre is the tutorial to help you create and setup a VPN connection in Windows 8 on Surface tablet.

How To setup VPN Connection on Surafce
* From Start screen, open Charms bar, tap Search and type “Network”. Then tap “Network and Sharing Center” from Settings Search panel.
* Tap “Set up a new connection or network”, choose “Connect to a workplace”, and tap Next.
* Select “Use my Internet connection (VPN)”, enter your Internet address (a IP address or valid domain) and a destination name. Tap “Create” button to finish it.

How To use the VPN connection
* Tap Settings from Charms menu and tap on the network icon.
* Your created VPN connection is listing there. Tap it and then “Connect”.


4 thoughts on “How To Setup VPN Connection on Surafce

  1. hi ….
    I obeyed your above commands, but there is below error :
    error 919 : the connecttion could not be established because the authentication protocol used by the RAS/VPN server to verify your username and password could not be matched with the settings in your connection profile.
    then i used above VPN on my ipad,it works on ipad…now what’s the reoson?
    I dont know?do you know why it dosent work on my surface?please answer my problem.I waited u…thanks….

  2. 1. Configure your server to allow clients to connect with MS-CHAPv2 as the authentication method.
    2. And then update your VPN client connection settings to use MSCHAPv2 as the authentication method.

  3. i followed the procedureand i got the error message
    Error 691
    Tge renmote connection was denied because user name and password not recognised!
    What is wrong?

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