How to resize Metro App Tiles Smaller or Larger in Surface

In Surface tablet’s Windows 8 Metro Start screen, all Metro apps have custom-designed colorful tiles, and non-Metro system file apps or installed program apps just squares with the app name and icon. Metro Apps tiles come in two sizes: a larger rectangle box or a small box. The tutorial below will explain how to resize Metro app tiles on Surface tablet.

To Make a Larger Metro App Tile Smaller
* From the Start screen, tap and hold on only one larger Metro app tile. Some options will pop up at the bottom. Tap on the “Smaller” option.

To Make a Smaller Metro App Tile Larger
* Tap and hold on only one smaller Metro app tile, and then tap on the “Larger” option at the bottom.


One thought on “How to resize Metro App Tiles Smaller or Larger in Surface

  1. Most of the tiles WILL NOT re-size, no option for it. Every single client I have installed and instructed Windows 8 for, ask for the IE icon on the metro screen be larger, granted most of my clients are older, and want the most important to them listed LARGE and TOP and down the left side. Word, IE, PowerPoint, and MOST of the icons will not re-size. Is there a cure for this? Also need an Icon for CLOSE ALL OPEN APPS/Programs would be nice also, have to make an “shut down” icon for my clients also, no they don’t want to keep it running all the time. Search Icon on the metro would be MORE friendly to elderly than the “charms bar” also.

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