How to find MAC address on Surface

The MAC address is the physical address assigned to the WiFi network. If you need to forward some portson Surface Pro tablet, you should first know how to find your MAC address of a network card. Here is the tutorial to do that in Windows 8.1/8.

* Swipe your finger from the right edge leftwards to bring up the Charms bar. Tap on Search, enter “cmd” and open the app. You can also scroll to the right and look for Command Prompt app with a black terminal icon.
* Next going to enter “ipconfig -all” command line to retrieve your MAC address. Then look for your internet address.
Note: The MAC address is listed under the appropriate adapter as Physical Address, and showed as six groups of two hexadecimal digits, separated by hyphens (-), like XX-XX-XX-XX-XX-XX.
If you need to copy the Physical Address, simply hold and press or right-click in the command prompt and then select Mark from the pop-up menu.
* You can also enter “arp -a” to see the MAC addresses of network devices.

Another method:
* From your desktop, open Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
* Under “view your active networks“, click the small icon for your connection type next to Connections.
* From the dialog, tap Details button, and it is listed there.

Link: How to locate/change MAC Address in Windows 10/8.1 on Surface Pro


7 thoughts on “How to find MAC address on Surface

  1. I’m trying to connect to my droid mobile hotspot and I’ve entered all three MAC addresses that are on the command page and won’t accept any of them. They are “bluetooth”, Wireless LAN adaptor Local Area Connection, and Wireless LAN adaptor Wi-Fi. I’m guessing its the Wi-Fi one, but just doesn’t want to accept. Is it my phone…ideas?

  2. Totally worked. Used on 4/4/16. Make sure you are using the wi-fi physical address not the local area connection physical address. And I would disconnect the original device you accepted the terms and conditions on. Not sure if that makes a difference but worked for me. Good luck!

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