How to Connect Surface RT/Pro to HDTV by HDMI

It is great to watch Netflix or videos on the Surface RT/Pro tablet, but sometimes you want to share it in high definition with others and see them on the big screen. Are you wondering how to connect your Surface to the newest HDTV through HDMI?

Surface HD Digital AV Adapter is Microsoft accessory that connects to HDMI-compatible displays (HDTV, monitor, or projector) and stream and transfers both HD-quality video and Dolby Digital surround sound to the HD screen.

* Make sure your have adjusted TV’s input settings to HDMI input.
* Turn on both your Surface and HDTV. Plug the AV Adapter into tablet’s docking port and the other end into TV.
* The screen will automatically mirrors on the TV while you are watching slideshows, streaming movies, or playing video games.


15 thoughts on “How to Connect Surface RT/Pro to HDTV by HDMI

  1. I just bought an HDMI-D to HDMI-A cable. It fits in my surface and high def television perfectly. Why can I not get content or shows on my surface shown on the television? I can assure you the HDMI cable is in the right spot on the television and the input setting is right. Does Microsoft require you to buy their cable?

  2. You can use an off-the-shelf HDMI D to HDMI A cable. I have two such cables from different manufacturers and both work fine to connect the Surface to our TVs. Awesome to stream Netflix to the TV via the Surface.

  3. Is the hdmi adapter for the surface rt the same as for the surface pro?

    I got the surface pro, but live in Denmark so i can only buy accessories for the rt model.

    • No, they are different.
      To connect to a HDMI-compatible display, you need to buy Mini DisplayPort to HD AV Adapter (Surface Pro) in microsoft store.

  4. A… You got that right. No one knows about Surface Pro mini Display Port adapters. First, I was sold the wrong adapter…the one for the RT not the Pro. Then the Microsoft folks and the MS web site all said that the MS adapter was out of stock, and referred me to the Belkin adapter. However, the plastic at the end of the Belkin adapter is square at the Port end so it would not fit all the way into the Surface Pro’s port. As a result I got video but no audio. Finally I found a third parth adapter at Best Buy that worked, but this one was also squared off at the end. The end of the adapter MUST be beveled to match the beveled edge of the Surface Pro. Otherwise there is a lot of wiggle that can easily break the internals of the port on the Surface Pro itself. A great way to flush your $1000 investment. Going back to the MS web site, it looks like the adapter is once again available, but there is no way to tell from the information or the pictures if the end is beveled appropriately for the Surface Pro. I am going to order it anyway, and take my chances, assuming that the website statement that it is “Designed exclusively for Surface Pro” is referring to the beveled end. The lack of detail on the web site with regard to the beveled edge of the Surface Pro and the adapter is very disapointing. I will not use one that is not beveled and risk the $1000 investment I have made in the Surface Pro.

  5. Is there any setttings you need to change in order to stream to your tv. I have the cable and the tv will not pick up tablet i have the cables in the right spot and everything. The second screen on the tablet will not even appear so is there a special setting i need to move on the tablet in order to make it work on the tv?

    • The easiest way is to hit the windows key + P. you can also click search and type “project” and from settings choose the “project to a second screen.” This will give you the options to clone, extend or even run all video through your external monitor.

  6. amazon basics mini-hdmi cable does not work for rt either, not sure why, it seems to fit snugly enough.

    went to Microsoft store and saw their cables first hand, the pro is a mini display port vs. the rt which is a mini-hdmi. why they chose to go with the mini display port is a mystery considering how unpopular the bus type is.

  7. Mine works intermittently and PC World think it is a design fault with the port on the surface – they are contacting Microsoft so I suggest everyone does – they might do something!

    It would be good to know if anyone gets it working all the time as it may be a batch problem

  8. I have not been able to get it to work either. I have the rt and I have got very frustrated trying to get it to work but it won’t. Very upset.

  9. I bought an adapter for my son’s RT from Amazon UK for £1.50 and it works. I had to extend the screen etc. as expected but all was fine. I didn’t do extended testing – just checked it worked in case he wanted to show something and the content was only on the surface.

    Perhaps it is an 8.1 change which makes it work? I don’t see why the adapter should cost £35; it suggests it has electronics in it.

  10. More Microsoft BS, why they use different connection types for surface pro and surface rt???. Their starting to get like Apple, making u buy their shit instead of third party. I have both rt and pro, had rt first so bought hdmi cable for it and when got pro figured I could use same cable??. But instead I have to go out and buy yet another piece of shit Microsoft accessory. And don’t get me started on the $600 plus I wasted on the Xbox one, which don’t recognize external hdd or USB keys??. As well as feeds me bull shit ads from MY home screen??. I paid $600 to buy a machine that they can feed me advertising from, which I don’t want to see??. I “was” a dedicated Microsoft fan and supporter, but more and more I starting to see why some people hate Microsoft.

  11. I can connect my pro from mini display port to HDMI Adapotor to tv but just screen not sound and I set all setting but not successful , what is the problem?

  12. My RT worked with my HDTV sets for a couple of years but has stopped working now. The TV sets now show up as ‘not windows certified’ and I can no longer use them as projectors.

  13. Every time I try hook up the windows rt surface to the TV , Netflix is sideways and will not go to normal horizontal view so obviously cannot watch anything someone please help

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