How to add Bluetooth keyboard/Mouse on Surface

When you need to connect your Bluetooth device with your PC running Windows xp/7, you have to install 3rd party Bluetooth drivers or software. The Windows 8 have built-in Bluetooth software by default, so it is easy to add Bluetooth devices.

How to add/remove Bluetooth keyboard/Mouse on Surface tablet
* From Start screen, use your finger to swipe from right side of screen to left for opening Charms bar.
* Touch “More PC settings” at bottom right corner. Tap on the “Devices” option.
* On right plane, all connected devices are listed there. Tap on “Add a device”, and Windows 8 will search for all available Bluetooth devices, then choose your keyboard/Mouse device to connect to. If you want to remove a device, select it from the list, tap on the little minus icon next to the name and then “Yes”.

3 thoughts on “How to add Bluetooth keyboard/Mouse on Surface

  1. keyboard show it is connected but key do not work. Mouse works but buttons dont.
    No auto cap or spell check.

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