Download Netflix Windows 8 app from Store

With the Netflix subscription service, it is easy to watch thousands of TV episodes and movies on your tablet, phone and computer. Netflix for Windows 8 has been announced by the video streaming company and is available on app store.

Netflix app comes with new Windows 8 metro UI. Now user could enjoy TV show and movies on your Surface tablet. While streaming video, it uses more CPU efficient than by IE browser.

To get access to the streaming video catalog, you need to use a subscription. It has a few options since now, such as rate and search movie by titles. But you can’t queue DVDs or watch movie trailers on your tablet.

However, I have used the Netflix App for a long time. After applied the update, the Windows 8.1 Metro/Modern App just won’t Start while it work fine in Google Chrome on the desktop. I click on it from the Start Screen, the app stays there without any error message.
It seems to be related to my installed display driver. I resolve it by this method below:
* press Win and X from keyboard together, and select Device Manager.
* Then expand display adapter, right click on display driver icon, select Uninstall.
* Finally I install the latest version of driver and it get working again.


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