Connect to Hidden ssid WiFi network in Windows RT

It is simple to connect to a broadcasting wireless network on Windows RT. However, a hidden WiFi network doesn’t broadcast its SSID or network name, so it is not visible in the list of available networks. Can I manually connect to it on my Surface tablet?

How to Connect to Hidden ssid WiFi network in Surface Windows RT
* Moving your finger to right corner of start screen to open Charms bar. Touch Settings > Control Panel > Network and Internet, and then “Network and Sharing Center”.
* Tap on “Set up a new connection or network” > “Manually connect to a wireless network” and tap “Next” button.
* In the configuration screen, you need to type in the security information with your network correctly, including Network name, security type, Encryption type and Security kety. These information is listed on your router’s setting. If that’s finished, tap “Next” button.


3 thoughts on “Connect to Hidden ssid WiFi network in Windows RT

  1. Doesn’t work. I’ll create the manual connection and the surface won’t connect or show the created connection. However, when I go to create the manual connection again the Suface will not proceed and tell me that the manual network name already exists.

  2. Try un-hiding your SSID and see if you can then connect. Then ‘forget’ (delete) the connection. Then try changing the broadcast channel on the router (presuming you have a way of connecting to the router!) and hiding the SSID again. Try then manually adding the hidden SSID again to your device. Also check the ‘wireless’ of power settings are set for ‘maximum performance’ whilst on battery.

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