Fix Invalid IP Configuration error in Windows 10 WiFi/Ethernet

Many people suddenly lost the network connectivity and showing limited connectivity in Windows 10, because their WiFi or Ethernet connection has Invalid IP Configuration. That happen on DSL, fiber, cable, and multiple types of routers. I also experience that after my Surface Pro 3 upgraded from Windows 8. I used IP release/renew command and rebooted only resolved it temporarily and then it came back again. Continue reading

Cannot join/leave Homegroup in Windows 10 after updates

I had created a homegroup on my Surface Pro 3 running Windows 8 and other Win7 computers joined it without any problem at home. After I upgraded all devices to Windows 10 Pro, it telled me I’m invited to a Homegroup and it is available to join in network and sharing and also asks for a password. But I entered the old PW that I used before and it wasn’t valid and there was no option to remove or leave the invited homegroup. Continue reading

Fix brightness control bar missing in Windows 10

My desktop computer has Asus Strix Geforce 970 GTX and 32Gb Crucial DDR4 and is running Windows 10 Pro with the up-to-date Nvidia driver and the Geforce Experience program. After the Windows update applies on the device, the brightness control slide is not available in Control panel, display settings and the charms bar, even the little sun icon was gone. Now the screen is still too bright but I can not figure out how to adjust it. Continue reading

Fix corrupted Recycle bin on external hard disk in Windows 10

I have connected an external hard disk to my Surface Pro 4 tablet via USB port and the File Explorer mount it as H:\ drive letter. When I went inside it and tried to open any folder, Windows 10 popped up the error “The Recycle Bin on H:\ is corrupted. Do you want to empty the Recycle Bin for this drive?“. That also happen if I deleted the file. Running System File Checker by sfc /scannow didn’t take effects. I check the Unhide box from the Folder Options and see $Recycle.bin folder but got Access Denied message. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 File Explorer run slow and not loading problem

After my Surface Pro tablet has upgraded to Windows 10 from 8.1 Pro, I browse files inside the File Explorer and it always takes minutes to load. When I accessed a 300-count file folder and half-way down to the middle, the process was extremely slow to display them and freezed. Then unfreezes and return back to the top of the folder. The issues also happened with moving, copying, renaming, deleting Files. Any way to get rid of that? Continue reading

Allow or Prevent individual Apps from accessing Camera in Windows 10

Most laptops have webcams and Surface Pro tablet come with dual cameras, so you are able to do many tasks, such as capturing pictures, recording video, Skype calls by Universal apps and Win32 software. For privacy, the portable devices includes activity LED indicator for showing if it is turned on. In Windows 10, you can also setup apps with the built-in camera easily. Continue reading

Fix Alt + Tab not toggle/working with Excel in Windows 10

I have installed Office Home and Business 2010 in Windows 10 Enterprise, and pressing Alt+Tab keys to toggle to the previous screen or go through the thumbnail screens really saves a lot of time. When I had opened two Excel spreadsheets, outlook email program, Chrome and CCleaner in separate window, ALT+TAB fliped back to the other program or only one of the spreadsheets except another. Any way to fix the issue? Continue reading

How to enable/disable Narrator keyboard shortcuts in Windows 10

I was able to press Win + Enter key to run the Narrator to read text aloud on the screen with Kindle app, and use Caps Lock+Esc to quit the feature on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. After applied a update in Windows 10, those keyboard shortcut were not working at all. I had to go through Ease of Access of Control Panel to turn it on, and end the related process in Task Manager. Continue reading

Fix Default Gateway Not Available in Windows 10 Pro

I connected my tablet to WiFi network and it just worked for about minutes then wifi icon in the taskbar got a warning sign with there is no internet connection message. Running troubleshooter tool reported that “the default gateway is not available” and that also happened over Ethernet connections every 2-5 minutes. I used the NetShell utility to reset TCP/IP and nothing took effect. Continue reading