Plugging in Kindle Crashes Windows 10 PC with Anniversary Update

My Windows 10 desktop computer has installed the Anniversary Update sucessfully. However, after I plugged in Kindle via the usb 3.0 port to transfer PDF files, the system crashes and got a blue screen of death with a QR code. I had to force rebooting the computer to get rid of that. However, connecting my Kindle with a Surface Pro 3 tablet running the latest Windows still ran into the same BSOD. This is not a driver issue and should be a bug. How can I fix it? Continue reading

Cortana missing My Stuff option after Windows 10 Anniversary update

I was able to use Cortana to search my PC and the web to find files and apps in Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3. After upgraded to Windows 10 Pro, it became broken. when I typed something in the search box, I noticed that the my stuff option was gone as well as the magnifying glass icon was missing. Cortana also didn’t show any web suggestion and could not find Onedrive. My microphone is fine and it only showed three categories. Rebuiding the index was not working. How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Fix Desktop Files and Folders disappearing after Windows 10 update

After my Surface Pro 3 applied the Windows 10 Anniversary Update successfully, all of my saved folders were disappearing on deskttop. I noticed that those files with filenames that begin with A through M. Then I downloaded files from a cloud to my desktop but the next day they were gone. Running Microsoft Security Scanner didn’t detect any infection. Any way to recover missing files? Continue reading

Fix Sticky Notes Insights not working in Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings the Windows Ink Workspace tools which feature an improved Sticky Notes app for writing notes on your device as doing on paper. The addition of the insights function is also integrated with the digital assistant Cortana for performing some handy actions from your notes, such as create Cortana reminders, make phone call or type an email address to launch email client directly. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 frozen and Black Screen after Anniversary Update

My Windows 10 Pro 64-bit computer worked fine and booted about 30 seconds. After I manually ran Windows Update and applied the Anniversary Update, the system always become frozen and black screen. When I logged into using my Microsoft Account, the desktop appeared then ran into black screen or started flashing. Continue reading

Edge browser Tab preview thumbnails not working in Windows 10

Windows 10 November Update bring the Tab Preview feature for the default browser Microsoft Edge and it is enable by default. When you have opened multiple webpage in Edge browser and move your mouse and hover the mouse pointer over an inactive tab, it will show a thumbnail of the opening webpage in another tab for previewing its contents. The feature is very useful for most users but may be disable by mistake through setting and that cause it not working at all. Continue reading

Fix Time and Date missing in Windows 10 taskbar system tray

Windows 10 Anniversary Update brings new experiences so I upgraded my Surface Pro 3 tablet and installed AU for that. When I log into system, the date and time are missing on the system tray at the lower right hand corner of the taskbar while the clock and click to desktop are gone from notification area. But the system icons and Notifications have been turned ON in Taksbar properties and control panel and I can not figure out how to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Windows 10 Edge browser displays MSN news feed only

The Edge browser worked fine for some days on my Surface Pro 3 tablet running Windows 10 Pro. However, today when I access the black homepage or open any new tab page, it only displayed MSN news feed intermittently or sometimes comes with the suggested web site tiles and nothing else. Now I am unable to see more relevant news or get a way to customize what type of them. Continue reading

USB Camera not working and broken by Windows 10 Anniversary Update

The Anniversary Update brings many new features to Windows 10 tablet or computer but also makes millions of consumers experiencing some issues, such as breaking USB Camera functionality. I used Logitech C930e webcam well and it just stop working after AU. When I tried to record video or have a video call using Skype app, the camera went into HD mode and began freezing immediately and was not working at all. Continue reading