How to Install/Configre Add-on Extensions in Microsoft Edge of Windows 10

Microsoft Edge extensions supported is one of the new features with Windows 10 Anniversary Update and is very similar to Chrome extensions. Third-party developers can create their add-ons for Edge to fill the Windows Store. Here are the how-to tutorial on Surface Pro 4 tablet or other computer running Windows 10 OS. Continue reading

Open photo/video with The wait operation timed out error in Windows 10

I used the old photo viewer in Windows 8.1 without any problem, but it kept getting error after my Surface Pro 3 tablet upgraded to Windows 10 Pro. When I tried to open a picture of any img type such as png, jpeg, jpg using the new built-in photo app, it showed “The wait operation timed out” message and stopped working while sometimes took onger to load. That also happend with playing movie and the calculator app. Continue reading

Fix Live tiles not working/updating in start menu on Windows 10

When I pinned a websites to the start menu on my SUrface Pro 4 running Windows 10 Pro, they appeared only as a generic blue color with empty content. I noticed the Weather and Mail live tiles stoped working and were also not updating. My screen resolution is 1024 x 768. Running App Troubleshooter and restarting the system didn’t take any effects. Any way to resolve the blank content problem? Continue reading

Recommended apps working with Windows Ink in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

Windows 10 Anniversary Update bring the Windows Ink feature to expand on the vision for digital writing on touch-enabled tablet and computer. Users can use a compatible stylus or pen (the Surface Pen) to do maky taks, such as doodling in a sketchpad, writing notes, and annotating pictures. It is perfect on the Surface Pro and Surface Book while you also need get the supported app to do that. Continue reading

Fix Pin to Start Menu Missing or not working in Windows 10

Windows 10 offers the way to pin the program icon or folder you use most frequently to Start menu, so you can quickly access it quickly. However, when I right-click any File or shortcut on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, the “Pin to Start Menu” item in context menu is missing or is not working. If you also face the unavailable option problem, here is the tutorial to get it working. Continue reading

Enable Cortana on Lock Screen in Windows 10 on Surface Pro

After the Anniversary Update applied, the digital assistant Cortana has been improved by Microsoft. It gets a way to be available directly above the lock screen on Surface Pro model tablet and other Windows 10 computer. Without entering your password to log in system, you are able to easily talk with Cortana for doing common tasks such as check the temperature, set reminders and more across all types of devices. Continue reading

Windows 10 missing Brightness Slider and brightness Icon on Surface Pro

The brightness slider is useful for adjusting the level in the charms menu of Windows 8.1/8, and has been replaced by a toggle to swap between 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100% in brightness settings of power options in Windows 10. That become unbelievably while you can also long press or right click on the sun icon in the Actions Center to make changes quickly. However, I noticed that the related Icon in the action center disappeared and the slider was also missing after my Surface Pro 3 upgrading to Windows 10 Pro. Continue reading

Sync Microsoft Edge favorites and reading list across Windows 10 devices

The new version of Microsoft Edge Browser support for HTML5, CSS3, and ECMAScript features, as well as sync of your favorites and reading list across all your Windows 10 devices. In the future, Edge will gets Sync Passwords, Bookmarks, passwords, history and Tabs support. The sync capability (like Firefox sync)is useful on Surface Pro, Lumia and other Windows 10 cpmouters. Continue reading

How to Fix default printer changes by itself in Windows 10

By default every time you need to set the default printer manually in the dialog on Windwos 8.1/8, while Windows 10 brings a new behavior to reconfigure that. The system can change the default printer to the most recently-used one automatically. However, if you always converte files to PDF through Microsoft Print to PDF function or use different printers, this gets extremely annoying and you’d better disable this feature to resolve the problem. Continue reading

Fix stream/Cast to device not working to TV in Windows 10

Windows 10 supports casting and media streaming to devices which works like Google’s Chromecast. You are able to cast your entire desktop or websites in Edge browser to a Miracast device or stream media to DLNA devices. I used the ‘Play to’ feature in Windows 8.1 and 7 and everything worked fine, but I was unable to cast video, music to my Samsung HDTV after my laptop upgraded to Windows 10 Pro with up-to-date network card drivers. Continue reading