Windows 10 Desktop and Taskbar keep refreshing/flashing

After my Surface Pro 3 (i7 model) tablet was updated to Windows 10 from Win 8.1, I loged into system and noticed that the desktop and taskbar began to reload constantly and kept crashing over and over. Due to the refresh, I had to open anything quickly enough and the device became nearly unusable. I used the Command Prompt as administrator to execute sfc /scanow command but it did nothing and I can’t figure out how to get rid of the issues. Continue reading

Windows 10 setting app not working/opened after upgraded

The Windows 10 brings the new Settings app for users to view and change configures quickly, and it is organized into the separate categories, such as Accounts, Devices, Network & Internet, and more. My Surface pro have been upgraded from Windows 8.1 to the lastest OS but run into an issue. When I clicked on the Start menu and tried to open the Setting app, it didn’t launch or launched the app store instead. Continue reading

Windows 10 multiple monitors setup different DPI Scaling

I have connected multiple monitors in Windows 10 OS. I don’t want to use the same DPI (dots per inch) scaling level for them, and would like to set 100% for a 1920 X1200 24″ monitor and set 150% for an external 15″ Retina display. The system doesn’t changes that automatically but I can’t figure out a way to set different DPIs with a percentage scale manually for being easier to use, without 3rd party software. Continue reading

How to block unwanted Windows Updates or driver in Windows 10

Windows 10 operating system is complete and has fixed most of the shortcomings with Windows 8, while there are still some bugs that users are experiencing, such as automatic updates without any additional notice, Wi-Fi Limited connectivity, Edge browser loads websites slowly, and Tablet mode not working. The new approach on updates keep computers to be up to date with the latest features, but also run into security issues. Unlike earlier versions, the built-in Control Panel or Settings app doesn’t offer an option to turn off one temporarily, and you could try the workaround to disable unwanted system update in Windows 10. Continue reading

How to domain join to Azure Active Directory in Windows 10

Microsoft has the multi-tenant cloud based directory and identity management service called Azure Active Directory (Azure AD). The Windows 10 is the ability to domain join the Azure AD Domain for accessing the business apps and resources. If you would like to have the cloud host experience, here is the tutorial for connecting to the cloud. Continue reading

How to create and setup PPTP VPN Connection in Windows 10

If you need to join a private network through a secure tunnel on tablet or computer, VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology can help you resolve the problem. It is commonly useful for employees to have remote connection for their business. Windows 10 has the built-in VPN client to easily configure secure connections and here is the tutorial. Continue reading

Fix Windows 10 Wifi limited connection problem

My Surface Pro tablet has been upgraded to the latest Windows 10 version. Whenever I tried to connect to the wireless network which has five bars of signal strength, it showed the error “This connection has limited or no connectivity. No internet access” or The connection is limited. I was able to join the network with no transfered bandwidth,┬ábut I can’t figure out a way to resolve the problem. Continue reading

How To Change Cortana Speech Language in Windows 10

By default the Cortana app uses the native language English to adapt her voice and speech style in Windows 10, and offers the information like weather, news, movies, stock exchanges and more. Cortana also understand and speak others like German, French and Italian, and will learn new one quickly. If you would like to configure her to speak a different language, try the tips for that. Continue reading

How to Delete/Forget Wireless Network Profiles in Windows 10

When you connect to a new Wi-Fi network in Windows 10, it will add and store those information such as its name, password, encryption method and SSID into profiles in a list. If the password has been changed or the WiFi networks becomes unavailable, you might get around some problem, as well as you just would like to preserve your privacy in the system, the best way is to delete or remove the profiles. Here is the tutorial for that. Continue reading