How to setup Turn Wi-Fi Back On After amount of time in Windows 10

You might temporarily turn off Wi-Fi on your Windows 10 tablet, laptop or computer for a little while with some reason, but the system will think you would like to disable it forever. The next time you have to manually turn it on again. To resolve the problem, The Insider build 14946 version brings nifty Settings for customizing the trackpad, and also has updated Wi-Fi Settings page on PC and Mobile. Continue reading

How to enable Java in Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 10

I have used Internet Explorer for some time in Windows 8 on my Surface Pro 3 and everything worked fine. After upgraded to Windows 10 aniversary update, Microsoft Edge becomes the default web browser and can not display any Java content. However, I accessed some websites that always require the specific activity of Java or Silverlight function. I had to change to use Google Chrome temporarily. I also could not find a way to run Internet Explorer 11. Continue reading

USB MTP not working/recognised after Windows 10 aniversary update

I was able to connect my Android phone as Media Transfer Protocol or Portable Media Player devices in Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet. After I installed the aniversary update and plug in my Nexus 4 or Samsung Grand 2, the system didn’t recognize it as an MTP device to mount it. But I tried it with Win8 machine and it was fine. Then I opened device manager and got such error “The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). A service installation section in this INF is invalid.” How can I resolve the problem? Continue reading

Enable Windows Defender Block At First Sight Anti-Malware in Windows 10

Windows 10 Anniversary update brings Block at First Sight feature in Windows Defender cloud protection for helping Network administrators detect and block new malware quickly to keep secure. It sends a metadata to a Microsoft cloud service and checks if the program is malicious then let Defender remove it. You could try the how-to tutorial to disable or enable it on Surface Pro or other computer. Continue reading

How to customise Touchpad gestures in Windows 10 RedStone 2

Windows 8 had trackpad edge swipes to opened the charms bar and do other things, but these Mac-like gestures is overhauled in Windows 10 since now, because it is not helpful for desktop users. To help laptop owners navigate the desktop easily, Microsoft quietly re-add this brilliant new feature to customise trackpad gestures the RedStone 2 version. Here is the how-to tutorial for having great effect. Continue reading

How to Enable Dark Mode to reduce blue light in Windows 10

To reduce eye strain, the free tool f.lux can changes the color temperature of the display depending on the time of day, and configures warmer colors at night or after sunset to match your indoor lighting because bluish lights disrupt our sleep. Without third-part software, the latest Anniversary Update Insider Preview Build (known as Redstone 2) help you resolve the problem easily. This Built-in capability seems to make the f.lux tool unnecessary. The updates includes major new features such as the official Dark mode to get a night mode that cuts down the blue. Here is the how-to tutorial for having a near-native night mode experience with a theme. Continue reading

File explorer not highlight selected files/folders in Windows 10

When I accessed any location in File Explorer and use mouse to choose some files to move, those items didn’t change to blue color and only show the “*** items selected *** MB” at the bottom. That made me not sure which ones had been selected and difficult to manage files. However, if I open saving or uploading prompt boxes in Edge or Chrome browser, the highlighting function worked well. Continue reading

How to disable/enable Desktop Peek to preview desktop in Windows 10

Windows’s built-in feature Desktop Peek offers a simply way to let you temporarily see the icons and folders on the desktop through all open browsing windows become transparent. To do that, you just move the mouse cursor away from at the end of the taskbar (the right of the clock), so you don’t have to minimize all apps and restore them again. Windows 10 has turned off the Peek and you could try the how-to tutorial to activate it to preview the desktop for your account on Surface Pro 4 or other computer. Continue reading

Rotation Lock option grayed out and not working in Windows 10

The rotation feature was working in Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 4 tablet, while its action was available in the notification center. After upgraed to Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the Rotation Lock option becomes grayed out and dimmed, so I could not interact with it. How can I fix the issue? Continue reading

How to display YouTube lyrics by Cortana in Edge on Windows 10

Microsoft Edge keeps coming up with new useful and unique features, such as third-party extensions supported, and play lyrics. After the Anniversary Update, Cortana is integrated to apps and can show Lyrics for the current YouTube Video in Edge browser. If you have trouble puttting the lyrics webpage along to your favorite tunes on YouTube on the same screen, here is the how-to tutorial for resolving the problem on Surface Pro 4 or other Windows 10 computer. Continue reading